proofreadingOur highly experienced Magnet consulting team will review and strengthen your submission through our unique, tested and repeatedly successful Magnet document writing process.

  • We read each submitted Magnet document to ensure the question has been answered
  • We ensure your Magnet content includes each core requirement of the question
  • We help shape the Magnet document through effective writing and editing to ensure a clear structure for your appraisers
  • We edit and coach to reflect the professionalism of your Department of Nursing and your organization
  • We offer coaching to your Magnet writers and provide hands-on writing support, if requested by your team

Final editing and proofreading

  • Comprehensive editing for grammar, punctuation and spelling of your Magnet documents.

Magnet Deadline or Bust!

Situation: A large hospital in Florida ran into some unexpected hurdles while completing the documentation phase of its Magnet journey. They had three months before their submission deadline, and many of their documents had not yet been written. Tipton Communications was asked to step in to coach their writers on best ways to structure and write their sources of evidence.


Solution: A seasoned Tipton consultant went onsite and coached the Magnet writers, one-on-one, talking through best ways to answer each source of evidence. The process was simple, yet thorough:

  • Ensure the writers understood each SOE question thoroughly
  • Create a working outline for each document
  • Brainstorm with the writers numerous examples of studies, projects, etc., they might use to describe and demonstrate their processes
  • Establish deadlines for the writers to share their drafts, either in person or by email

Once the Magnet writers had assembled sufficient material to complete each document and had written a rough draft, the consultant assumed responsibility for editing (and sometimes re-writing) each one to ensure the language was clear and concise, and more importantly, answered the Magnet question directly and completely.

Results: The Magnet writers were immediately energized by having one-on-one help. Knowing that an experienced writer was taking the burden of writing the final product off their shoulders gave them tremendous relief. They felt a lot more positive about the writing process and were able to focus on getting the best possible material for each SOE. Even better, they were able to return to their jobs, knowing their Magnet responsibilities were being met. The documents were finished and submitted to the ANCC by the deadline. The hospital was later awarded Magnet designation!