We offer several workshops that will prepare you for each step of your Magnet journey. All of our workshops are available individually. You only reserve what you need.

Process Improvement Workshop

Tipton’s Magnet “Process Improvement” onsite, one-day workshop is designed to give your MPD, nursing leadership and unit-level champions the knowledge they need to embrace a culture of continuous improvement. At the end of the day, your team will have the clarity and resources they need to successfully lead process improvement projects to improve patient care within your organization. Workshop topics include:

1. Overview

  • The relationship between Magnet and process improvement

2. Process Improvement Core Principles

  • Patient-centered
  • Team approach
  • Process emphasis
  • Data driven

3. Step-by-Step Approach to Improving a Process

The majority of the day is spent detailing each step of process improvement and introducing proven tools used to accomplish each step. Participants “practice” many of the steps throughout the day.

  • Identify a problem
  • Form a team
  • Evaluate the current process
  • Identify alternatives
  • Acquire necessary resources
  • Develop new protocols/procedures/policies
  • Educate associates
  • Implement process changes
  • Monitor results

Preparing for Magnet® 

Tipton’s “Preparing for Magnet” onsite, one-day workshop is designed to give your MPD, nursing leadership and Magnet champions the knowledge they need to use the time you have before your document submission date to ensure your organization is positioned to succeed.

Workshop topics include:

Understanding Magnet 2019

  • Magnet 2019 overview – brief review of the history of Magnet, its trajectory and key differences from 2014 requirements
  • Focus on outcomes – big picture explanation of why and what it means
  • The relationship between Magnet and process improvement

Planning for Empirical Outcomes

  • Really understanding EO requirements – an “under the hood” discussion of EO requirements
  • Identifying appropriate data – what does and what doesn’t work
  • Planning process improvement projects with EO requirements in mind

Preparing for The Fab 5

  • EP2EO (RN SAT)
  • EP18EO (inpatient nurse-sensitive indicators)
  • EP19EO (outpatient nurse-sensitive indicators)
  • EP20EO (inpatient patient satisfaction),
  • EP21EO (outpatient patient satisfaction)

Deep Dive into Magnet Requirements

  • Understanding specific document requirements
  • Planning for specific documents – document by document discussion
  • What you can do now

 MPD Project Management Boot Camp:

  • 1-on-1 with your MPD, 1-day and on-site
  • Develop a detailed project timeline
  • Create a customized writing schedule
  • Understand how to manage the documentation phase
  • Receive project management tools designed specifically for the 2019 requirements
  • Embark on the Magnet journey with the support of Tipton

Magnet® Writers Prep Workshop

  • 1-day on-site with your Magnet champions
  • Learn how to evaluate each Magnet question
  • Learn how to incorporate your responses into the 2019 Magnet requirements
  • Build writing confidence and a strong partnership with Tiptonworkshop

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 We highly recommend Tipton to other facilities.  Linda Vassallo, MSN, RN, NE - BC
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