Open enrollment is obviously a critical time for your employees and for your benefits plan and forecasts. Employees must decide the plans that are right for them and their families. You need to ensure the integrity of your plan is maintained, while increasing employee satisfaction. It's a tough task and it requires strategic communications professionals. We have proven success working with hospitals around the nation to…

  • Align employees with plan goals
  • Increase participation in high deductible plans
  • Achieve overall open enrollment goals
  • Ensure employees understand the investment you are making in their welfare
  • Simplify the complexity of benefits
  • Help employees select the best plans for their wellbeing
  • Introduce wellness discounts/incentives that work

We help you gain added control over your benefits plan performance.

No matter what channel you use to manage open enrollment, from paper-based to the most elaborate web-based systems, you must have a communications strategy that will engage employees. Employee satisfaction with benefits has never been more important. Benefits plans have never been more complicated. And when small changes in plan enrollments can cost or save tens of thousands of dollars or much more, it’s clear that engaging our professional communication strategists will pay you back year after year.

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