easterSituation: A large hospital decided to use Tipton Health’s electronic tool for its Magnet documentation submission to the ANCC. Tipton completed the site and sent it back for final client review. It was only then that the hospital discovered a terrible oversight— the documents had never been shown to the hospital CNO. The CNO requested changes to nearly every page just days before the hospital’s submission was due to the ANCC and its appraisers. To make matters worse, it was Easter weekend.

Summary: Tipton’s electronic submission tool is designed to make it easy and fast to change out documents, but swapping out nearly 200 documents and reconnecting hundreds of links in just a few days put Tipton’s team to the test, particularly since several team members had family obligations or vacations planned for Easter.

Results: Driven by a commitment to the client, the Tipton team worked through the weekend and rebuilt the hospital’s submission site. The hospital submitted its documentation on time, despite a few tremulous moments.